Long-term normoglycemia in rats receiving transplants with encapsulated islets.

  title={Long-term normoglycemia in rats receiving transplants with encapsulated islets.},
  author={Abdulkadir Omer and Val{\'e}rie F Duvivier-Kali and Justin Fernandes and Vaja Tchipashvili and Clark K. Colton and Gordon C Weir},
  volume={79 1},
BACKGROUND To follow up on previously successful transplantation of encapsulated islets in mice, the present study was performed in rats to determine the effects of several factors, including alginate composition and concentration of cross-linking agent and capsule size on the effectiveness of encapsulated islets. METHODS Highly purified alginate of either high guluronic acid or high mannuronic acid (M) with low endotoxin content was used. Regular-size (0.8-1.1 mm) or small microcapsules (0.5… CONTINUE READING


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