Long-term neuropsychiatric consequences of "ecstasy" (MDMA): a review.

  title={Long-term neuropsychiatric consequences of "ecstasy" (MDMA): a review.},
  author={Alonso G Montoya and Ren{\'e}e Sorrentino and Scott E. Lukas and Bruce H. Price},
  journal={Harvard review of psychiatry},
  volume={10 4},
The recreational drug "ecstasy" (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA) is widely used by young people throughout the world. Experimental studies indicate that MDMA damages serotonergic neurons in animals and possibly in humans. Repeated use may induce long-term neurotoxic effects, with cognitive and behavioral implications. We reviewed both the preclinical and the clinical literature to assess the evidence for persistent neuropsychiatric sequelae in humans. We focused on studies of… CONTINUE READING