Long-term magnesium supplementation in essential hypertension.

  title={Long-term magnesium supplementation in essential hypertension.},
  author={Liberato Aldo Ferrara and Richard Iannuzzi and Anthony Castaldo and Arcangelo Iannuzzi and Antonio Dello Russo and Marcello Mancini},
  volume={81 1},
The main objective of this clinical trial was to evaluate the effects of magnesium pidolate (15 mmol/day) on blood pressure at rest and during sympathetic stimulation induced by cold, isometric and tilt test; peripheral blood flow has been evaluated by strain-gauge plethysmography. Fourteen mild to moderate hypertensives (8 males, 6 females, age range 40-60 years) were randomly given magnesium or placebo in a double-blind parallel clinical trial for 6 months. In the actively treated group… CONTINUE READING

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