Long-term histopathology of allografts in sensitized kidney recipients.

  title={Long-term histopathology of allografts in sensitized kidney recipients.},
  author={Masayoshi Miura and Hiroshi Harada and Yuichiro Fukasawa and Kiyohiko Hotta and Yo-suke Itoh and Tohru Tamaki},
  journal={Clinical transplantation},
  volume={26 Suppl 24},
Successful desensitization therapy has brought satisfying short-term outcomes in the recipients with anti-donor antibody. We analyzed the long-term pathology of the allografts in the sensitized kidney recipients. Eleven stable recipients after desensitization against positive flow cytometry T-cell crossmatch (FTXM) were included. They were divided into two groups, based on the protocol biopsies findings at three to eight yr (group 1: subclinical glomerulitis and/or peritubular capillaritis, n… CONTINUE READING


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