Long-term follow-up of primary flexor pollicis longus tenorrhaphies.

  title={Long-term follow-up of primary flexor pollicis longus tenorrhaphies.},
  author={Kenneth J. Noonan and William F. Blair},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={16 4},
This study retrospectively analyzes primary flexor pollicis longus repairs. Ninety-four patients were identified and had extensive chart review. Thirty patients returned for follow-up (mean of 6.8 years) interview, range of motion, and strength testing. At follow-up, interphalangeal active range of motion, metacarpophalangeal active range of motion, and carpometacarpal active range of motion was 68 degrees, 48 degrees, and 46 degrees, respectively. Comparisons between active range of motion for… CONTINUE READING