Long-term follow up for colon cancer in a minimally invasive, colorectal unit.


Our aim was to assess the long-term survival advantage associated with the laparoscopic approach for colon cancer resection in an Irish minimally invasive unit. Between January 2005 and December 2006, 154 patients underwent resection for colon cancer. 108 underwent a laparoscopic resection, with a conversion rate of 11%. The overall 5 year survival was 71.4%. The overall 5 year survival rate for laparoscopic resections was 80.6% where as the overall survival for open resection was 50%. Laparoscopic surgery had a significant 5 year overall survival advantage compared to open in both non metastatic disease (Stage I and II) (92.2% vs. 69.6%, p = 0.0288) and metastatic disease (Stage III and IV), (68.4% vs. 30.4%, p = 0.0026). Laparoscopic surgery in a dedicated minimally invasive unit with verifiable low conversion rates is feasible and in our experience associated with a long-term survival advantage for colon cancer.

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