Long-term dynamics driven by resonant wave–particle interactions: from Hamiltonian resonance theory to phase space mapping

  title={Long-term dynamics driven by resonant wave–particle interactions: from Hamiltonian resonance theory to phase space mapping},
  author={Anton V. Artemyev and Anatoly I. Neishtadt and Alexei Vasiliev and Xiao‐jia Zhang and Didier Mourenas and Dmitri L. Vainchtein},
  journal={Journal of Plasma Physics},
In this study we consider the Hamiltonian approach for the construction of a map for a system with nonlinear resonant interaction, including phase trapping and phase bunching effects. We derive basic equations for a single resonant trajectory analysis and then generalize them into a map in the energy/pitch-angle space. The main advances of this approach are the possibility of considering effects of many resonances and to simulate the evolution of the resonant particle ensemble on long time… 

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On application of stochastic differential equations for simulation of nonlinear wave–particle resonant interactions

wave-particle resonant interactions A. S. Lukin, 2 A. V. Artemyev, 1 and A. A. Petrukovich Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI), 84/32 Profsoyuznaya Str, Moscow, Russia,



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