Long-retained vaginal foreign body causing chronic vaginitis in a bulldog.

  title={Long-retained vaginal foreign body causing chronic vaginitis in a bulldog.},
  author={Elisabeth Christine Roberston Snead and John W. Pharr and Brendon P Ringwood and Jennifer Beckwith},
  journal={Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association},
  volume={46 1},
A vaginal foreign body consisting of a piece of retained calvarium from a macerated fetus was identified and removed using vaginoscopy in a 4-year-old, spayed female bulldog. The dog had a 12-month history of chronic mucopurulent vaginitis. Vaginal foreign bodies, although uncommon, are a differential diagnosis for recurrent mucopurulent or hemorrhagic chronic vaginal discharge. A case of chronic vaginitis caused by a long-retained intravaginal foreign body in a dog is described and compared to… CONTINUE READING