Long-lived radionuclides of sodium, lead-bismuth, and lead coolants in fast-neutron reactors

  title={Long-lived radionuclides of sodium, lead-bismuth, and lead coolants in fast-neutron reactors},
  author={Vladimir Ivanovich Usanov and D. V. Pankratov and Emilian P. Popov and P. I. Markelov and L. D. Ryabaya and Svetlana V Zabrodskaya},
  journal={Atomic Energy},
The problem of long-lived radionuclides is discussed for three liquid-metal coolants: Na, Pb−Bi, and Pb. Their irradiation in the high-energy neutron spectrum of a fast power reactor for 50 yr is examined. It is found that the radiation properties of the coolants differ substantially, which could be decisive for handling them as radioactive wastes. It is concluded that sodium is closest to a radiationally waste-free technology. 2 figures. 5 references. 
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