Long-lasting neurotoxicity of prenatal benzene acute exposure in rats.

  title={Long-lasting neurotoxicity of prenatal benzene acute exposure in rats.},
  author={Roberta Lo Pumo and Marcello Bellia and Annarita Nicosia and Vincenzo Micale and Filippo Drago},
  volume={223 3},
Benzene is a common element of environmental pollution. Although this substance is not recognized as a teratogenic agent, it is not known whether prenatal exposure to benzene may induce neurobehavioral changes in the progeny. Benzene 0.1mg/kg was injected subcutaneously (s.c.) acutely at day 15 of gestation into pregnant female rats of the Sprague-Dawley strain and neurotoxicity of the substance was studied in pups and male adult animals of the same progeny. No change was found in total number… CONTINUE READING

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