Long highways and risk of HIV/AIDS


Results 46.8% were in the age group of 15 to 25 yrs.41.6% had monthly income between 1001–2000 Rs. Except 16.6% drivers all others were long distance drivers. 72% were married. 66.56% had addiction of tobacoo, 52.62% addicted to alcohol.58% had history of visiting CSWS. It was more among married.70.5% of married visited upto 10 times to CSWS.40.5% of drivers used to drive 11 to 15 hours daily. The common place of visiting CSWS was Rajasthan.56.9% of drivers never used condoms during sex with CSWS. A high percentage of unmarried (38%) truck drivers gave history of STD.27.5% of drivers remained away from their families for duration of more than one month at a time.52.8% had not heard about AIDS.55.56% of drivers knew sex workers as high risk group.53% considered sex as main route of transmission.70.7% considered condom as a protective measure for AIDS.69.6% did not prefer condom while sex with CSWS. Not even a single driver above 45 yrs age grp used condoms during sex with CSWS.79% of drivers who visited CSWS were less than 35 yrs age grp.

DOI: 10.1186/1742-4690-3-S1-P9

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@article{Bhalla2006LongHA, title={Long highways and risk of HIV/AIDS}, author={Sahil Bhalla and Chandra Somasundaram}, journal={Retrovirology}, year={2006}, volume={3}, pages={P9 - P9} }