Long-haul truck drivers want healthful meal options at truck-stop restaurants.

  title={Long-haul truck drivers want healthful meal options at truck-stop restaurants.},
  author={Pamela J Whitfield Jacobson and Aimee D. Prawitz and Judith M. Lukaszuk},
  journal={Journal of the American Dietetic Association},
  volume={107 12},
Long-haul truckers are confined, by parking regulations and other constraints, to dining at truck-stop restaurants. Objectives were to (a) compare truckers' anthropometrics with recommended guidelines; and (b) assess eating/exercise habits, importance of healthful food choices, and attitudes about restaurants' provision of healthful options. Hypotheses were: (a) overweight/obese drivers will place less importance on healthful food choices than will drivers of optimal weight; (b) importance of… CONTINUE READING
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