Long-distance frequency transfer over an urban fiber link using optical phase stabilization

  title={Long-distance frequency transfer over an urban fiber link using optical phase stabilization},
  author={Haifeng Jiang and Fabien K'ef'elian and Scott G. Crane and Olivier Lopez and Michel Lours and J Millo and David Holleville and Pierre Lemonde and Christian Chardonnet and Anne Amy-Klein and Georgio Santarelli},
  journal={Journal of The Optical Society of America B-optical Physics},
We transferred the frequency of an ultra-stable laser over 86 km of urban fiber. The link is composed of two cascaded 43-km fibers connecting two laboratories, LNE-SYRTE and LPL in Paris area. In an effort to realistically demonstrate a link of 172 km without using spooled fiber extensions, we implemented a recirculation loop to double the length of the urban fiber link. The link is fed with a 1542-nm cavity stabilized fiber laser having a sub-Hz linewidth. The fiber-induced phase noise is… 

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