Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in endogenous depression.

  title={Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in endogenous depression.},
  author={F Richard Ellis and Thomas A. B. Sanders},
  journal={Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry},
  volume={40 2},
The fatty acid composition of the plasma choline phosphoglycerides (CPG) and erythrocyte ethanolamine phosphoglycerides (EPG) were detemined in a series of patients suffering from endogenous depression, a number of patients from the same ward with non-depressive psychiatric disorders, and a number of age- and sex-matched healthy control subjects. A significantly higher proportion of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5omega3) and docosahexaenoic acid… CONTINUE READING
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