Long-bone biomechanics in mice selected for body conformation.

  title={Long-bone biomechanics in mice selected for body conformation.},
  author={Ricardo J Di Masso and Mar{\'i}a Teresa Carrera Font and Ricardo Francisco Capozza and G Detarsio and Felix Sosa and Jos{\'e} Luis Ferretti},
  volume={20 6},
Two lines of mice divergently selected from the control strain (CBi) against the positive phenotypic correlation between body weight (b.w.) and tail (skeletal) length were obtained (CBi/C: high weight, short tail; CBi/L: low weight, long tail). The selected animals showed a different relationship between body and skeletal masses. To compare the adequacy between biomass and load-bearing ability of the skeleton, and to describe the eventual role of bone mechanostat in the production of these… CONTINUE READING

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