Long-Term Wind Speed Forecasting—A Review

  title={Long-Term Wind Speed Forecasting—A Review},
  author={A. Shobana Devi and G. Maragatham and K. Boopathi and M. C. Lavanya and R. S. Saranya},
Wind speed plays a predominant role in the wind energy system. Forecasting of long-term wind speed in certain diverse areas, for example, the optimal design of wind farms, energy management, and restructured electricity markets has always been a popular spot for research. A reliable wind speed forecast can mitigate the errors in scheduling and, in effect, improve the stability of the electrical grid power and reduce the ancillary service costs of the energy market. Short-term updates are being… 

A Novel Hybrid Neural Network-Based Day-Ahead Wind Speed Forecasting Technique

A novel hybrid Neural Network (NN)-based day-ahead wind speed forecasting is proposed, where five hybrid neural network algorithms are evaluated and their effect on the accuracy of wind speed prediction are analyzed.



Markov Models Based Short Term Forecasting of Wind Speed for Estimating Day-Ahead Wind Power

  • S. VermaV. ReddyK. VermaR. Kumar
  • Environmental Science, Engineering
    2018 International Conference on Power, Energy, Control and Transmission Systems (ICPECTS)
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In order to meet the growing demand of energy, renewable resource utilization has increased in recent years. Wind is the source to a significant percentage of renewable resources and wind farms

A review of wind power and wind speed forecasting methods with different time horizons

In recent years, environmental considerations have prompted the use of wind power as a renewable energy resource. However, the biggest challenge in integrating wind power into the electric grid is

Wind speed and direction forecasting for wind power generation using ARIMA model

Wind Power plays a major role in both large utility grids and small microgrids due to a wide range of socio-economic benefits. Due to this reason, current research has an emerging trend to enhance

The Forecasting Procedure for Long-Term Wind Speed in the Zhangye Area

Energy crisis has made it urgent to find alternative energy sources for sustainable energy supply; wind energy is one of the attractive alternatives. Within a wind energy system, the wind speed is

Forecasting of wind speed using ANN, ARIMA and Hybrid models

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The outcome showed that the forecasted error for hybrid model is lesser than artificial neural network and autoregressive moving average model separately.

Long-term wind speed and power forecasting using local recurrent neural network models

Simulation results demonstrate that the recurrent models, trained by the suggested methods, outperform the static ones while they exhibit significant improvement over the persistent method.

Wind speed forecasting: Present status

A number of wind speed forecasting techniques are available in order to predict the uncertainty of the wind, which is key to estimate wind power generation availability for the grid. It is gaining

A neural network-based wind forecasting model for wind power management in Northeastern Thailand

The neural network-based wind forecasting model presented in this paper can provide useful wind speed forecasts in northeastern Thailand and can be adapted for other regions.