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Long-Term Trend of the All-Bangladesh Summer Monsoon Rainfall, and its Association with the ENSO Index

  title={Long-Term Trend of the All-Bangladesh Summer Monsoon Rainfall, and its Association with the ENSO Index},
  author={Rafique Uddin Ahmed and M. Shamsul Alam and M. Arif Imtiazur Rahman},
  journal={Journal of environment and earth science},
Rainfall data for the summer monsoon season (May through October) at 15 weather stations in Bangladesh, for the 60 year period from 1951 to 2010, and ENSO Index data coinciding with the summer monsoon season for the corresponding years were analyzed in order to determine the long-term trends of summer monsoon rainfall and ENSO Index, and association between them. In this study, summer monsoon rainfall in Bangladesh has been expressed as “All-Bangladesh” summer monsoon rainfall, which is an… 
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