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Long-Term Shoreline Change of the Chandeleur Islands Barrier System, Louisiana: 1855 to 1989

  title={Long-Term Shoreline Change of the Chandeleur Islands Barrier System, Louisiana: 1855 to 1989},
  author={Randolph A. McBride and Matteson W. Hiland and Shea Penland and Karen A. Westphal and S. J. Williams},
The Chandeleur Islands are the largest barrier island system along the Mississippi River delta plain, and are characterized by low-profile, washover-dominated barriers that are rapidly migrating landward. The barrier island system was divided into south and north Chandeleur Islands based on geomorphic characteristics. The south Chandeleur Islands are comprised of Breton, Grand Gosier, and Curlew Islands, while to the north, the islands include Chandeleur, Freemason, New Harbor, and North. The… 

Historical Changes in the Mississippi-Alabama Barrier-Island Chain and the Roles of Extreme Storms, Sea Level, and Human Activities

Abstract Barrier-island chains worldwide are undergoing substantial changes, and their futures remain uncertain. An historical analysis of a barrier-island chain in the north-central Gulf of Mexico

Changes in Shoreline Change Trends in Response to a Detached Breakwater Field at Grand Isle, Louisiana

Abstract This study examines changes in shoreline change trends at Grand Isle, Louisiana, in relation to the implementation of a detached breakwater field completed in 1999. Eight sets of aerial

Economic assessment of rapid land-building technologies for coastal restoration

In the wake of recent hurricanes, coastal managers in Louisiana have begun integrating infrastructure protection and habitat restoration. Concurrent with this change, emphasis has been placed on

Sea-level rise and coastal forests on the Gulf of Mexico

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