Long-Term Outcomes After Distal Scaphoid Fractures: A 10-Year Follow-Up.


PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the functional, clinical, and radiological outcome 10 years after distal scaphoid fractures. METHODS From a prospective epidemiological study on posttraumatic radial-sided wrist pain, we evaluated 41 cases of distal scaphoid fractures. All cases had been treated nonsurgically in a thumb spica cast. Patients were examined using radiographs, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography at the time of injury and with computed tomography after a median of 10 years (range, 8-11 years). Fractures were classified according to a modified Prosser classification system. The primary outcome was assessment of self-reported function using Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) and Patient-Reported Wrist Evaluation (PRWE). Secondary outcomes were clinical status (range of motion and grip and pinch strength) and to evaluate fracture healing and arthritis in the scaphotrapezium-trapezoid (STT) joint. RESULTS Functional impairment and pain scores at follow-up were low: median DASH score 2, median PRWE 0, and median visual analog scale (VAS) pain score 0. We found no impairment in range of motion or strength. We found 26 type I fractures, 12 type IIA, 1 type IIC, and 2 type IV. There was 1 asymptomatic nonunion in a type I fracture. Computed tomography revealed arthritis in the STT joint in 7 out of 41 wrists, none of which caused clinical symptoms. CONCLUSIONS From an 8- to 11-year perspective, patients with distal scaphoid fractures report normal self-assessed hand function as well as good wrist motion and strength. The risk for development of posttraumatic STT arthritis was low. TYPE OF STUDY/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE Prognostic II.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jhsa.2017.06.016

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