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Long-Stay Tourism and International Retirement Migration: Japanese Retirees in Malaysia

  title={Long-Stay Tourism and International Retirement Migration: Japanese Retirees in Malaysia},
  author={Mayumi Ono and オノ マユミ and 小野 真由美},

Emigrants' motivation business model for intention to participate in the Malaysia My Second Home program

In the modern days of advancement, people prefer to migrate from one country to another for change in lifestyle and better prospects in social, cultural, economic and environmental standards. The

International Second Home Retirement Motives in Malaysia: Comparing British and Japanese Retirees

Generally, the international second home (ISH) retirement develops from the need for better life quality of the aging population globally. “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H) is an ISH scheme that aims

‘Malaysia My Second Home’ (MM2H): Retirees’ motivations, satisfaction, and post-satisfaction intentions / Wong Kee Mun

‘Malaysia My Second Home’ is an international retirement migration (IRM) programme aimed at attracting the lucrative retiree market to choose Malaysia as their residence. Despite the widely


Although trade costs for both sellers and buyers can be reduced through the usage of ecommerce, however low transfer costs and global competition cause that the e-bookstores to have to maintain their

Tourism 2021 02EN 157-324.indd

Turkey has been among the most preferred countries by foreigners for purchasing a "second home" (SH) since the beginning of the 2000s. Th is explorative and descriptive study aims to determine the

The development of Nihonmachi in Indonesia through culture, politics, and industry in Cikarang, Bekasi

This research is a continuation of research on Nihonmachi in Indonesia that is previously done in Blok M, Jakarta. It is done by looking at the economic relation between Japan and Indonesia and the

Title Issues in healthcare services in Malaysia as experienced byJapanese retirees

There are four crucial healthcare issues among Japanese retirees; ‘language barriers,’ ‘trust and distrust of healthcare services’, ‘word-of-mouth information’ and ‘nursing and palliative care’.

International retirement migration revisited: From amenity seeking to precarity migration?

International retirement migration has become a multifaceted field of research since the end of the twentieth century. The term refers to mobilities in old age to other countries, upon reaching

Old age facilities for German-speaking people in Thailand – a new facet of international migration in old age

ABSTRACT This article examines old age facilities in Thailand catering to people from German-speaking countries. These institutionalised spaces of age(ing) in the ‘Global South’ represent a new facet



Rongusutei Hakusho 2002 [White Paper on Long Stay 2002

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Kaigai Choki Taizaisya no Seikatsu to Ikigai ni Kansuru Chosa [Survey on Life and Ikigai of Overseas Sojourners

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Tourism and Sustainability: New Tourism in the Third World

Increasingly advocates of tourism argue that tourism growth offers a means for Third World countries to escape the confines of 'underdevelopment' and that new forms of tourism in particular allow

Medical Tourism in Malaysia: International Movement of Healthcare Consumers and the Commodification of Healthcare

The role of the Malaysian state is pivotal in providing a conducive policy environment, and in playing a major role in marketing Malaysian healthcare to the global medical tourist market.

Tourism and international retirement migration: New forms of an old relationship in southern Europe

This paper examines the relationship between retirement migration and tourism in terms of the changing nexus of social relationships that are implicit in international mobility. Three main themes are

Ageing and transnational householding: Japanese retirees in Southeast Asia

The provision of elderly care in Japan has long been dependent on female family members. However, because of the rise in the number of delayed marriages, the increase in divorce and non-marriage and

Tourism and migration: New relationships between production and consumption

There is weak conceptualization of the differentiation between migration and tourism, which has contributed to relative neglect of the relationships between these. This paper examines some of the

Senior citizenship?: Retirement, migration and welfare in the European Union

Debates about citizenship in Europe, particularly in relation to social policy and welfare provision, are set to become increasingly topical as the European Union expands and moves towards greater