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London: The Illustrated History

  title={London: The Illustrated History},
  author={Cath Ross and John Clark},
Discover which prehistoric mammals would once have lived by the River Thames. Take a detailed look at the crystal palace of the Great Exhibition and an early map of the underground. See the locations of medieval plague pits, Tudor inns, eighteenth-century hangings and gangland crime hotspots. "London: An Illustrated History" offers a new perspective on one of the world's most exciting cities, from Iron Age cemeteries to Victorian sewers, Viking raids to Zeppelin air raids, Roman temples to… 
A Late Fourteenth-Century Transitional Kettle-Hat Found in London
Abstract Amongst the armour in the collection of the British Museum is a kettle-hat (Object Number: P&E 1856,0701·2243) that was found in London during the second quarter of the nineteenth century.
Whatever Happened to British Jewish Studies? In Search of Contexts
On 11 November 1893 in an address to the first meeting of the Jewish Historical Society of England (JHSE), Lucien Wolf made 'A Plea for Anglo-Jewish History'. Wolf explained how the society had come
Urbanization Patterns around the North Sea: Long-Term Population Dynamics, 1300–2015
Around the North Sea, how have port cities and cities in the hinterlands of port cities influenced one another in the past? What possible links are there between population trends in various urban
“First I Look at the Purse”: Youth at Work
  • Felix Fuhg
  • History
    London’s Working-Class Youth and the Making of Post-Victorian Britain, 1958–1971
  • 2021
Contemporary scholars such as Mark Abrams, as well as historians today, explain the emergence of a modern, consumption-oriented youth culture in terms of rising wages and high employment rates, which