Corpus ID: 130293251

Lombardia oltremarina: un'Attica lacuale tra Salò e Manerba e la duplicata Atene del Garda

  title={Lombardia oltremarina: un'Attica lacuale tra Sal{\`o} e Manerba e la duplicata Atene del Garda},
  author={Emilio Arrigoni},
  • Emilio Arrigoni
  • Published 2000
  • Geography
  • The present study is based on the singular ancient tradition (dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries) which places the site of the legendary Attic colonization on the shores of Lake Garda to the south of Salo. This tradition also identifies the Rock of Manerba (the "City of Minerva") with the new Athens of Benacus and considers the surrounding Valtenesi (known as the "Athenian Valley") to be a twin of ancient Attica. 

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