Logical Inconsistencies in 3 Preference Elicitation Methods for EQ-5D Health States

  title={Logical Inconsistencies in 3 Preference Elicitation Methods for EQ-5D Health States},
  author={M{\^o}nica Viegas Andrade and Kenya Val{\'e}ria Micaela de Souza Noronha and Paul Kind and Carla de Barros Reis and Lucas Resende de Carvalho},
  journal={Medical Decision Making},
  pages={242 - 252}
Background. Logical inconsistency for health states preferences occurs when one logically worse health state, in terms of quality of life, is ranked higher than a logically better health state. Objective. This study explores the presence of inconsistent responses for the EQ-5D health states valuations in a Brazilian population survey. It compares the level of inconsistency in 3 preference-based methods: ranking, visual analog scale (VAS), and time tradeoff (TTO). The influence of EQ-5D health… 

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