Logic performance evaluation and transport physics of Schottky-gate III–V compound semiconductor quantum well field effect transistors for power supply voltages (VCC) ranging from 0.5v to 1.0v

  title={Logic performance evaluation and transport physics of Schottky-gate III–V compound semiconductor quantum well field effect transistors for power supply voltages (VCC) ranging from 0.5v to 1.0v},
  author={G. Dewey and R. Kotlyar and R. Pillarisetty and M. Radosavljevi{\'c} and T. Rakshit and H. Then and R. Chau},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)},
In this paper for the first time, the logic performance of Schottky-gate In<inf>0.7</inf>Ga<inf>0.3</inf>As QWFETs is measured and evaluated against that of advanced Strained Si MOSFETs from Vcc = 0.5 to 1.0V. The QWFET is shown to have measured drive current gain over the Si MOSFET for the entire Vcc range. Effective velocity (V<inf>eff</inf>) of the QWFET exhibits 4.6X–3.3X gain over the Si MOSFET. The high V<inf>eff</inf> enables 65% intrinsic drive current gain at V<inf>CC</inf> = 0.5V and… Expand

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