Logic of Predicates with Explicit Substitutions

  title={Logic of Predicates with Explicit Substitutions},
  author={Marek A. Bednarczyk},
We present a non-commutative linear logic — the logic of predicates with equality and explicit substitutions. Thus, the position of linear logic with respect to the usual logic is given a new explanation. 
A Non-monotone Logic for Reasoning about Action
A logic for reasoning about action based on the idea that explicit substitutions can be seen as atomic formulae describing basic change of state of a system is presented.
Marek A. Bednarczyk Explicit Substitution into Action a Non-monotone Logic for Reasoning about Actions and Change Nr 942
A logic LP σ for reasoning about change is presented. The logic, an extension of the logic of predicates with equalitu, is based on the idea that explicit substitutions can be seen as atomic formulae
Information System Development as Mechanizable Logical Activity
It is argued that applied logic provides methods, techniques and tools suitable for solving software engineering tasks, such as program speciication and veriication.


Explicit substitutions
The λ&sgr;-calculus is a refinement of the λ-calculus where substitutions are manipulated explicitly. The λ&sgr;-calculus provides a setting for studying the theory of substitutions, with pleasant
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From λσ to λν: a journey through calculi of explicit substitutions
This paper gives a systematic description of several calculi of explicit substitutions. These systems are orthogonal and have easy proofs of termination of their substitution calculus. The last
Linear Logic and Lazy Computation
Recently, J.Y. Girard discovered that usual logical connectors such as ⇒ (implication) could be broken up into more elementary linear connectors, providing a new linear logic where hypothesis are used once and only once.
Introduction to mathematical logic
This book discusses the semantics of Predicate Logic, and some of theorems of A. Robinson, Craig and Beth's treatment of Peano's Axiom System.
Logic of Predicates versus Linear Logic
The purpose of this note is to suggest an alternative explanation of the relationship between predicate logics with equality and linear logic. The explanation given by Girard resorts to so called
Simple Consequence Relations
  • A. Avron
  • Computer Science
    Inf. Comput.
  • 1991
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An exposition of material dealing with constructive logics, typed -calculi, and linear logic, and proof nets and a direct proof of the correctness of the Danos-Regnier criterion for proof nets.
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