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Logic 4-Mbit DRAM 2-Mbit DRAM 2-Mbit DRAM

  title={Logic 4-Mbit DRAM 2-Mbit DRAM 2-Mbit DRAM},
  author={Yasushi Yonedo and S. Uchida and Takayuki Suzuki},
OVERVIEW: Mobile information devices and all other multimedia devices are currently enjoying an active market. It is not sufficient to concentrate multiple functions within these devices; they must be small, light, and low power-consumption systems. Hitachi, Ltd.’s response to these requirements is to propose system application specific ICs (system ASIC). The 0.8μm process HG71C series micro cell based IC ( μ BIC) with on-chip central processing unit (CPU) evolved into the 0.5μm process HG72C… 

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Development of DRAM-IP with ease of mounting on logic LSI and with a 32-kbyte increment,

  • 1997