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LogLog-Beta and More: A New Algorithm for Cardinality Estimation Based on LogLog Counting

  title={LogLog-Beta and More: A New Algorithm for Cardinality Estimation Based on LogLog Counting},
  author={J. Qin and Denys Kim and Yumei Tung},
  • J. Qin, Denys Kim, Yumei Tung
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • The information presented in this paper defines LogLog-Beta. LogLog-Beta is a new algorithm for estimating cardinalities based on LogLog counting. The new algorithm uses only one formula and needs no additional bias corrections for the entire range of cardinalities, therefore, it is more efficient and simpler to implement. Our simulations show that the accuracy provided by the new algorithm is as good as or better than the accuracy provided by either of HyperLogLog or HyperLogLog++. In addition… CONTINUE READING
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