Locus of hypoxic vasoconstriction in isolated ferret lungs.


To determine whether hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) occurs mainly in alveolar or extra-alveolar vessels in ferrets, we used two groups of isolated lungs perfused with autologous blood and a constant left atrial pressure (-5 Torr). In the first group, flow (Q) was held constant at 50, 100, and 150 X min-1, and changes in pulmonary arterial pressure (Ppa) were recorded as alveolar pressure (Palv) was lowered from 25 to 0 Torr during control [inspired partial pressure of O2 (PIO2) = 200 Torr] and hypoxic (PIO2 = 25 Torr) conditions. From these data, pressure-flow relationships were constructed at several levels of Palv. In the control state, lung inflation did not affect the slope of the pressure-flow relationships (delta Ppa/delta Q), but caused the extrapolated pressure-axis intercept (Ppa0), representing the mean backpressure to flow, to increase when Palv was greater than or equal to 5 Torr. Hypoxia increased delta Ppa/delta Q and Ppa0 at all levels of Palv. In contrast to its effects under control condition, lung inflation during hypoxia caused a progressive decrease in delta Ppa/delta Q, and did not alter Ppa0 until Palv was greater than or equal to 10 Torr. In the second group of experiments flow was maintained at 100 X min-1, and changes in lung blood volume (LBV) were recorded as Palv was varied between 20 and 0 Torr. In the control state, inflation increased LBV over the entire range of Palv. In the hypoxic state inflation decreased LBV until Palv reached 8 Torr; at Palv 8-20 Torr, inflation increased LBV.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


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