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Locus of control in personality

  title={Locus of control in personality},
  author={E. J. Phares},

Exploring leadership efficacy and locus of control of sport management undergraduate students: A qualitative case study

Leadership efficacy is “a specific form of efficacy associated with the level of confidence in the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with leading others” (p. 669). Researchers suggest that

A New Experimental Method for Generating Locus of Control using a Wooden Labyrinth

The labyrinth was investigated as a means of generating stimuli in a locus of control paradigm. The experiment consisted of 56 undergraduates. Following completion of the Rotter I-E locus of control


This review of the literature examined a number of specific factors as they relate to the persistence and achievement of persons involved in distance learning. These factors are: (1) media of

The IE-4: Construction and Validation of a Short Scale for the Assessment of Locus of Control

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Locus of Control, Gender and Entrepreneurial Ability

The study surveyed 668 (Male = 356, Female = 312) University undergraduates two Nigerian Universities in Western Nigeria. Using the correlation and factorial statistical designs, the study which

The Role of Psychological Determinants and Demographic Factors in Consumer Demand For Farm-To-Fork Traceability Systems

It is clear that certain segments of the population in all samples feel strongly about the importance of farm to fork traceability in beef; thus, policymakers may wish to consider extending traceability beyond the point of slaughter as a way of encouraging beef sales in Canada.

A Prospective Model for HIV and AIDS Prevention in an African Setting

The study conceptualizes locus of control as a behavioural mechanism for HIV and AIDS prevention. The locus of control variables that could build the model are: social systems control, self-control,

Teachers Professional Growth: Examining the Effect of Teacher Maturity on LOC Orientation

In this research, a modified version of Rose and Medway's Teachers' Locus of Control (TLOC) instrument was used to investigate the relationship between a selected group of high school teachers' age,