Locking the kink in the influenza hemagglutinin fusion domain structure.

  title={Locking the kink in the influenza hemagglutinin fusion domain structure.},
  author={Alex L. Lai and Lukas K. Tamm},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={282 33},
We have previously identified Trp(14) as a critical residue that stabilizes the kink in the boomerang structure of the influenza fusion domain and found that cells expressing hemagglutinin with a Trp(14) to Ala mutation cannot fuse with red blood cells. However, mutating another aromatic residue, Phe(9), on the other side of the kink did not have a significant effect on fusion or the ability of the mutant fusion peptide to bind to or perturb the bilayer structure of lipid model membranes. We… CONTINUE READING

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