Locking Yourself Out: Diversity Among Dentally Zalambdodont Therian Mammals

  title={Locking Yourself Out: Diversity Among Dentally Zalambdodont Therian Mammals},
  author={Robert J. Asher and Marcelo R S{\'a}nchez-Villagra},
  journal={Journal of Mammalian Evolution},
We review the evolution of dental zalambdodonty across therian mammals. Among zalambdodonts, there is little or no occlusion between the protocone and talonid basin and one of the central cusps of the upper molars (metacone or paracone) and the talonid basin of the lower molars are lost or reduced. Over two dozen genera of therian mammals show zalambdodont molars, including tenrecids, chrysochlorids, Solenodon, the marsupial mole Notoryctes, the extinct placentals Apternodus, Oligoryctes… CONTINUE READING


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