Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Network using H-PSO Algorithm

  title={Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Network using H-PSO Algorithm},
  author={Guibin Zhu and Qiuhua Li and Peng Quan and Jiuzhi Ye and Guoqiang Mao and Bars ̧ Fidan and Brian D. O. Anderson and Anil Kumar and Arun Khoslay and Jasbir Singh Saini and Satvir Singh and H. Bao and Baoxian Zhang and Cheng Li and Nabil Ali Alrajeh and Maryam Bashir and Yoan Shin and Guowei Shen and Honghui Yan and Pengfei Peng and Hao Luo},
Localization has become one of the mandatory services in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) while dealing with critical operations such as coverage, deployment, routing, target tracking and rescue operations. Since the necessity of WSN has increased drastically to provide best solution with accurate results of sensor nodes, it mainly depends on the WSN node… CONTINUE READING