Locating the cyclopentano cousins of the cucurbit[n]uril family.


The synthesis of the first family of fully substituted cucurbit[n]uril is discussed, and the structural features of precursor glycolurils are highlighted in their importance to achieving higher homologues. The members of the family, where n = 5-7, have been fully characterized, and increased binding affinities have been identified for dioxane in CyP(6)Q[6… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jo2021778


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@article{Wu2012LocatingTC, title={Locating the cyclopentano cousins of the cucurbit[n]uril family.}, author={Feng Wu and Li-hui Wu and Xin Xiao and Yun-Qian Zhang and Sai-feng Xue and Zhu Tao and Anthony I Day}, journal={The Journal of organic chemistry}, year={2012}, volume={77 1}, pages={606-11} }