Locating A Transborder Archive of Queer Chicana Feminist and Mexican Lesbian Feminist Art

  title={Locating A Transborder Archive of Queer Chicana Feminist and Mexican Lesbian Feminist Art},
  author={Cristina Serna},
  journal={Feminist Formations},
  pages={49 - 79}
  • Cristina Serna
  • Published 14 December 2017
  • Art, Political Science
  • Feminist Formations
Abstract:Queer US Chicana and Latina activists are members of the transborder lesbian feminist publics that have collectively articulated and debated lesbian feminist political frameworks in Latin America since the 1980s. Art-based encuentros are particularly productive sites of transborder dialogue among US Latina and Latin American lesbian feminists. These encuentros enable exciting collaborations and cross-fertilizations in the realm of activism and art. This article examines two series—Lupe… 

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