Locate your soundscape: interacting with the acoustic environment

  title={Locate your soundscape: interacting with the acoustic environment},
  author={Nicola Orio and Berardina De Carolis and Francesco Liotard},
  journal={Multimedia Tools and Applications},
  pages={34791 - 34811}
Although overshadowed by visual information, sound plays a central role in how people perceive an environment. The effect of a landscape is enriched by its soundscape, that is, the stratification of all the acoustic sources that, often unconsciously, are heard. This paper presents a framework for archiving, browsing, and accessing soundscapes, either remotely or on-site. The framework is based on two main components: a web-based interface to upload and search the recordings of an acoustic… 



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This paper reports the results of an initial experiment on the acoustic description, called soundscape, of the city of Padova, which can be navigated in space and in time through a web interface.

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In this paper, it is demonstrated how efficiently assessing soundscape quality can be applied to real recordings from various sites, and the resulting performance evaluation proves that the proposed architecture can be applications to assess the sound landscape quality of both natural and urban spaces.

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This dissertation reports work conducted to develop a way of comparing sound designers intentions for a sound design with the experiences of listeners.