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Locally Sparse Function on function Regression

  title={Locally Sparse Function on function Regression},
  author={Mauro Bernardi and Antonio Canale and Marco Stefanucci},
In functional data analysis, functional linear regression has attracted significant attention recently. Herein, we consider the case where both the response and covariates are functions. There are two available approaches for addressing such a situation: concurrent and nonconcurrent functional models. In the former, the value of the functional response at a given domain point depends only on the value of the functional regressors evaluated at the same domain point, whereas, in the latter, the… Expand

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  • H. Müller
  • Computer Science
  • International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
  • 2011
An overview of FDA is provided, starting with simple statistical notions such as mean and covariance functions, then covering some core techniques, the most popular of which is Functional Principal Component Analysis (FPCA), an important dimension reduction tool and in sparse data situations can be used to impute functional data that are sparsely observed. Expand