Localizing scatterers from surf noise cross correlations.


The backscattered travel-time structure is obtained by cross-correlating air-acoustic ocean surf noise recorded on microphone pairs (separation ∼2 m) on the beach. The scatterer is a 20 cm radius Polyvinyl chloride pipe 2.5 m landside of the microphone array. Arrivals corresponding to the time-difference (travel-time difference between two scatterer-receiver paths) and scattered (travel time for receiver-scatterer-receiver path) waves emerge in the cross-correlation functions in a backscattering configuration. Theoretically, only a microphone pair is needed to locate the scatterer using the time-difference and scattered travel times. Localization of the scatterer is demonstrated with the microphone array on the beach.

DOI: 10.1121/1.4974147

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