Localized ridge augmentation using titanium micromesh.

  title={Localized ridge augmentation using titanium micromesh.},
  author={Bartolomeo Assenza and Maurizio Piattelli and Antonio Scarano and Giovanna Lezzi and Giovanna Petrone and Adriano Piattelli},
  journal={The Journal of oral implantology},
  volume={27 6},
Guided bone regeneration (GBR) has been used recently for the regeneration of bone in conjunction with the placement of dental implants, for augmentation of resorbed alveolar crests, and to treat localized ridge deformities. Twenty-two patients with alveolar crest defects or peri-implant dehiscences participated in this study. Titanium implants were inserted, and the defects were covered with a titanium micromesh, above which was positioned an e-PTFE membrane. After healing, the 2 membranes… CONTINUE READING
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