Localized pure ground-glass opacity on high-resolution CT: histologic characteristics.

  title={Localized pure ground-glass opacity on high-resolution CT: histologic characteristics.},
  author={Ryu Nakajima and Tomoyuki Yokose and Ryutaro Kakinuma and Kanji Nagai and Yutaka Nishiwaki and Atsushi Ochiai},
  journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography},
  volume={26 3},
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to assess the histologic characteristics in cases of localized pure ground-glass opacity (LPGGO) that do not exhibit consolidation on high-resolution CT (HRCT) images. METHOD Twenty surgically resected lesions from 20 consecutive cases were retrospectively investigated. Each of the 20 lesions had exhibited LPGGO on HRCT images. The HRCT images and histopathologic findings were examined for correlations. RESULTS The areas of LPGGO had a maximum diameter of 2… CONTINUE READING


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