Localized neurotransmitter release for use in a prototype retinal interface.

  title={Localized neurotransmitter release for use in a prototype retinal interface.},
  author={Mark C Peterman and David M. Bloom and Christina J Lee and Stacey F Bent and Michael F Marmor and Mark Scott Blumenkranz and Harvey A Fishman},
  journal={Investigative ophthalmology & visual science},
  volume={44 7},
PURPOSE Current neural prostheses use electricity as the mode of stimulation, yet information transfer in neural circuitry is primarily through chemical transmitters. To address this disparity, this study was conducted to devise a prototype interface for a retinal prosthetic based on localized chemical delivery. The goal was to determine whether fluidic delivery through microfabricated apertures could be used to stimulate at single-cell dimensions. METHODS A drug delivery system was… CONTINUE READING


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