Localized gravity and large hierarchy from string theory

  title={Localized gravity and large hierarchy from string theory},
  author={Per Berglund and Tristan Hubsch and Djordje Minic},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Stringy de Sitter Brane-Worlds

The possibility that our 3+1-dimensional world might be a cosmic defect (brane-world) within a higher-dimensional spacetime has recently attracted much interest, owing to the proof [7] that gravity

On stringy de Sitter spacetimes

We reexamine a family of models with a 3+1-dimensional de Sitter spacetime obtained in the standard tree-level low-energy limit of string theory with a non-trivial anisotropic axion-dilaton

Stringy Bubbles Solve de Sitter Troubles

Finding four-dimensional de Sitter spacetime solutions in string theory has been a vexing quest ever since the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe. Building on a recent analysis

The enhançon and the consistency of excision

The enhancon mechanism removes a family of time-like singularities from certain supergravity spacetimes by forming a shell of branes on which the exterior geometry terminates. The problematic



Localizing gravity on a stringlike defect in six dimensions

We present a metric solution in six dimensions, where gravity is localized on a four-dimensional singular stringlike defect. The corrections to four-dimensional gravity from the bulk continuum modes

TeV scale superstring and extra dimensions

Utilizing the idea of extra large dimensions, it has been suggested that the gauge and gravity couplings unification can happen at a scale as low as 1 TeV. In this paper, we explore this

A Large mass hierarchy from a small extra dimension

We propose a new higher-dimensional mechanism for solving the hierarchy problem. The weak scale is generated from the Planck scale through an exponential hierarchy. However, this exponential arises

Global string singularities