Localized distance-sensitive service discovery in wireless sensor networks


In this paper, we identify a new problem in wireless sensor networks, distance sensitive service discovery, where nearby or closest service selection guarantee is expected. We propose a lightweight solution algorithm, iMesh, which uses no global computation and generates constant per node storage load. In iMesh, service providers construct a localized planar structure, information mesh, using the existing blocking rule enhanced with a newly proposed expansion rule. The information mesh possesses good proximity property and serves as service directory. Service consumers conduct a lookup process restricted within their home mesh cells to discover nearby services. We first analytically study its properties over a grid network model. Then we evaluate its performance in randomized network scenarios by extensive simulation. Simulation results indicate that iMesh guarantees nearby (closest) service selection with very high probability >99% (resp., >97%) at considerably low message cost.

DOI: 10.1145/1374718.1374734

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