Localized aliphatic organic material on the surface of Ceres

  title={Localized aliphatic organic material on the surface of Ceres},
  author={Maria Cristina De Sanctis and Eleonora Ammannito and H Y McSween and Andrea Raponi and Simone Marchi and Fabrizio Capaccioni and Maria Teresa Capria and Filippo Giacomo Carrozzo and Mauro Ciarniello and Sergio Fonte and Michelangelo Formisano and Alessandro Frigeri and Marco Giardino and Andrea Longobardo and Gianfranco Magni and Lucy A. McFadden and Ernesto Palomba and Carle M. Pieters and Federico Tosi and Francesca Zambon and Carol A. Raymond and Christopher T Russell},
Organic compounds occur in some chondritic meteorites, and their signatures on solar system bodies have been sought for decades. Spectral signatures of organics have not been unambiguously identified on the surfaces of asteroids, whereas they have been detected on cometary nuclei. Data returned by the Visible and InfraRed Mapping Spectrometer on board the Dawn spacecraft show a clear detection of an organic absorption feature at 3.4 micrometers on dwarf planet Ceres. This signature is… CONTINUE READING

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