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Localized Tachyons and RG Flows

  title={Localized Tachyons and RG Flows},
  author={Jeffrey A. Harvey and David Kutasov and Emil J. Martinec and Gregory Moore},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We study condensation of closed string tachyons living on defects, such as orbifold fixed planes and Neveu-Schwarz fivebranes. We argue that the high energy density of localized states decreases in the process of condensation of such tachyons. In some cases this means that $c_{eff}$ decreases along the flow; in others, $c_{eff}$ remains constant and the decreasing quantity is a closed string analog, $g_{cl}$, of the ``boundary entropy'' of D-branes. We discuss the non-supersymmetric orbifolds… 

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