Localization using combinations of model views


A method for localization, the act of recognizing the environment, is presented. The method i s based on representing the scene as a set of 20 views and predicting the appearances of novel views by linear combinations of the model views. The method accurately approximates the appearance of scenes under weak perspective projection. Analysis of this project ion as well as experimental results demonstrate that in many cases this approximation i s suf ic ient t o accurately describe the scene. When weak perspective approximation i s invalid, either a larger number of models can be acquired or an iterative solution t o account for the perspective distortions can be employed. The method has several advantages over other approaches. It uses relatively rich representations; the representations are 2D rather than 9D; and localizat ion can be done f r o m only a single 2D view.

DOI: 10.1109/ICCV.1993.378215

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