Localization of the Na-K pump in turtle retina.

  title={Localization of the Na-K pump in turtle retina.},
  author={Charles E. Stirling and P. Vijay Sarthy},
  journal={Journal of neurocytology},
  volume={14 1},
The kinetics of ouabain binding to Na-K pump and the distribution of pump sites were examined in the retina of Pseudemys scripta elegans. Binding to retinal slices followed bimolecular kinetics characterized by a KD of 1.5 X 10(-6) M and a maximum binding capacity of 11.2 X 10(-8) mol g-1 of protein. Quantitative autoradiography of slices revealed a high concentration of bound ouabain in the inner segment, outer plexiform, inner plexiform and optic nerve layers, and correspondingly, a low level… CONTINUE READING

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