Localization of rhinovirus replication in vitro with in situ hybridization.

  title={Localization of rhinovirus replication in vitro with in situ hybridization.},
  author={E de Arruda and Theodore E. Mifflin and Jack M. Gwaltney and Birgit Winther and Frederick G. Hayden},
  journal={Journal of medical virology},
  volume={34 1},
To facilitate understanding of human rhinovirus (HRV) pathogenesis, methods were developed for detection of HRV infection in vitro using in situ hybridization (ISH). HRV-14 RNA probes and oligonucleotide probes representing conserved sequences in the 5'-non-translated region were labeled with 35S and used to detect infected HeLa or WI-38 strain human embryonic lung cells in cytological preparations. ISH was shown to be specific for detection of HRV on a single-cell basis. Subsequently, in human… CONTINUE READING