Localization of phosphorylated ErbB1-4 and heregulin in colorectal cancer

  title={Localization of phosphorylated ErbB1-4 and heregulin in colorectal cancer},
  author={Keigo Mitsui and Masaoki Yonezawa and Atsushi Tatsuguchi and Seiichi Shinji and Katya Gudis and Shu Tanaka and Shunji Fujimori and Choitsu Sakamoto},
  booktitle={BMC Cancer},
The ErbB family consists of four proteins including (EGFR)/ErbB1, ErbB2, ErbB3, and ErbB4, and plays a crucial role in the promotion of multiple tumorigenic processes. In addition to the traditional pathways of EGFR signaling, EGFR translocates to the nucleus and acts as a transcription factor in the proliferation of cancer cells. Heregulin is known as both an ErbB3 and an ErbB4 ligand. This study aimed to investigate the expression of heregulin and its relevant EGFR family members as well as… CONTINUE READING


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