Localization of interictal spikes using SAM(g2) and dipole fit.

  title={Localization of interictal spikes using SAM(g2) and dipole fit.},
  author={Stephen E. Robinson and Srikantan S. Nagarajan and M. W. Mantle and Vaneesha Gibbons and H Kirsch},
  journal={Neurology & clinical neurophysiology : NCN},
SAM(g2) is an automated analysis that transforms the MEG data into a functional image of spike-like activity, giving the source waveforms for those locations. Since the source waveforms estimated by SAM have higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) than does the raw MEG data, it is possible to automatically mark the location and timing of each spike for comparisons with dipole fit procedures. Both SAM(g2) and equivalent current dipole (ECD) fits were used to analyze MEG interictal spike recordings in… CONTINUE READING
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