Localization of galanin immunoreactivity in the opossum esophagus.

  title={Localization of galanin immunoreactivity in the opossum esophagus.},
  author={A Sengupta and Raj K. Goyal},
  journal={Journal of the autonomic nervous system},
  volume={22 1},
Galanin-like immunoreactivity was studied at 7 levels of the opossum esophagus, lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and adjacent portion of the stomach by indirect immunofluorescence; it was restricted to nervous structures. The majority of myenteric and submucous neurons were galanin-positive and received positive axo-somatic terminations. They also sent out axons staining positively. Galanin-positive fibers and a few atypically located neurons formed a mucous plexus at the bases of mucous glands… CONTINUE READING